The Alison Hill Effect

We were very privileged to have Alison Hill visiting in Canberra this week, and amongst other things, she gave an R-Ladies workshop on getting started with blogdown. I started this blog 3 12 years ago in Jekyll, and have been wanting to switch over to blogdown for ages (and in fact, blaming my embarassing lack of posts on waiting until after making the switch). I changed over to hugo and netlify a few months ago, but things weren’t quite right. After chatting to Alison about how much thought goes into writing resources to help people like me, I thought I’d take a fresh run at it.

In particular, I really found this post helpful for using page bundles to deal with where to store static resources. Although the whole “Spoonful of hugo” series is something I should have read.

So, here is a post after way too long, and hopefully I’m setup to do this in a slightly less painful way now.

Thanks Alison!