Yet Another R Blog

So I finally started an R blog - not because I feel like I’ve got so much to really share, but because I enjoy reading the contributions from so many keen R bloggers, I hoped to be able to contribute some small thing to that world.

The specific catalyst was following Dean Attali’s work, and the simplicity of implementing his beautiful jekyll theme. For any other lurkers out there, there is no excuse not to get something up and running (aside from time to actually write content of course… I set this up five months ago).

Of course a critical point for any blog is choosing a title. First let me say nothing can beat Richie Cotton’s 4D Pie Charts. Inscrutable errors refers to both the fact that I often make such things, and spend too long tryingt to figure out where they came from in my code, and the wonderfully inscrutable error messages from R. When I was learning R, I constantly came across object of type 'closure' is not subsettable. Being a neophyte who didn’t know what type closure meant, and didn’t know what subsetting was, my translation was ‘You’re an idiot. Stop it.’