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Snakes, ladders, dplyr and purrr

On the weekend I was playing snakes and ladders with my sons. Since it’s a game without any element of skill, and relies completely on the roll of the dice, I haven’t played the game for about as long as I can remember. The first game we played was over... [Read More]

What's in a [package] name?

There are now more than 8000 packages available on CRAN, each of them presumably lovingly designed by their respective creators. As a naive package developer, and reading Hadley’s guide to naming packages I’m interested in how people choose names for their packages. A great package name is a... [Read More]

Pride and Prejudice and R

One of the things I love about R, and the R community, is getting a bit of an understanding of what types of analysis other people do. While we might all work on such different areas of research or analysis, the shared language gives lots of common ground. I’ve been... [Read More]

ggplot2 and Joy Division

A while ago I had had a great time answering a question on stackoverflow that was asking about recreating a plot from a fivethirtyeight article in ggplot2. You can see the original and my attempt below. I was satisfied with the style, but felt a bit dirty introducing... [Read More]

Yet another R blog

So I finally started an R blog - not because I feel like I’ve got so much to really share, but because I enjoy reading the contributions from so many keen R bloggers, I hoped to be able to contribute some small thing to that world. The specific catalyst was... [Read More]